About Me

Who I Am

Who I Am

Hi, I am Darla. I’ve specialized in helping adults struggling with anxiety, depression, and trauma since 2010. I love getting to know others and helping them feel less stressed, anxious, and well, happier. I join compassion with proven strategies and the latest therapeutic techniques to help people feel more connected to their hopes and dreams. That is why I named my practice Connect Psychology.

In my free time I enjoy the outdoors, baking, biking, drinking coffee, reading, and spending time with my family. I am a Registered Psychologist and in good standing with the College of Alberta Psychologists, the Psychologists’ Association of Alberta, and the American Psychological Association.

Benefits of Counseling


Broken relationships with yourself and others are at the root of emotional pain. Connection is vital to healing and building resilience. There is nothing better than feeling understood.

Now is the time to feel better. Counselling, or therapy, can help you feel more in control, happier, and more peaceful. Whether you have hurts or scars from your past, or if your present is not easy, you can shift from suffering toward a resolution with hope and tools for a better life.